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An email to John. An update on that creative project we've been struggling with. It is looking good for next week. We're about 80% done. I'll shoot you a message later to touch base. If you've got any questions or need more details, let me know

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Get clear notes

Don’t forget anything, record even when it's inconvenient to type

Write messages

There's no need to delay sending when it’s quick and easy

Capture ideas

Never let a great idea slip away – capture it with its details

Create social posts

Generate compelling content with ease

Write letters

Send clear emails by voice, x3 faster than typing

Make to-do lists

Structure your chaotic plans into readable to-do lists

Get meeting summaries

Extract key takeaways from any conversation

Did you know that speaking is 3 times faster than typing?

Useful features

Speak in any language

100+ languages. Automatically recognized

Choose how to rewrite

Slight, significant, structured, and many other options

Screen off recording

Record on-the-go even with the screen off

Dark and light modes

Choose the interface you prefer

Type if you can’t speak

Text inputs can also be structured by AI



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