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How to Convert Spanish Speech to Text?

Ilfat from Letterly
on May 10, 2024

How to Convert Spanish Speech to Text?

If you need to transcribe Spanish audio to text, you can consider one of the following methods. The article will explore three different methods so that you can decide for yourself which one is best suited for converting your Spanish voice to text.

1. Letterly.app – quickly on-the-go from your mobile phone

Letterly turns your speech into text with the help of AI. It easily detects any language, including Spanish.

Simply download the Letterly app, record your speech in Spanish, and receive an excellent transcription. The app won’t confuse “hola” (hello) and “ola” (wave) because it takes context into account. You also don’t need to select the language you speak, your Spanish voice will be easily recognized.

Bonus: Besides transcription, you can click on “Rewrite” and get amazing text ready for use. For instance, if you want to send a long message to your Spanish friend, a simple transcription might sound odd because we speak and write differently. However, a slightly corrected text using AI is what you need, and you can send it right away.

2. Notta – great for large meetings

Notta can also transcribe Spanish. Although not as convenient for mobile use, it's great for meetings.

You need to register on Notta, where you can upload or record Spanish audio. If you’re recording meetings, Notta is a good choice:

  • it separates the text by speakers (be careful, not always accurately),
  • it has with Zoom and Google Meet.

It’s a more complex and slightly more expensive tool, but it’s more suitable for recording lengthy dialogues.

3. Built-in Dictation on iPhone and Android

Dictation for iPhone and Android is a simple way to convert Spanish audio into text since it's free and pre-installed.

Dictation supports Spanish language, and you can use it too. To do this, switch your keyboard to Spanish and then tap the microphone icon on the keyboard.

The recognition isn’t very accurate, and it doesn’t automatically recognize the language. But it’s free and built into iPhones and Androids, requiring no downloads or websites.


With these different methods, you can convert speech to text in Spanish. Each tool offers distinct advantages, so I’ll summarize them in a brief table.

On-the-go convenience Long meetings Language recognition Price Platforms
Letterly 🤏 $5,9 / month 📱
Notta $9 / month 🖥️ 📱
Dictation ✅ free 📱 (built-in)